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Our Values

"Acta Tua Monebuntur"

The mission statement of F.S. Enterprises is “Acta Tua Monebuntur”, which is Latin for “Your Acts Will Be Remembered”, and it is also the motto of the Ferreira Simões Family. Our motto has been translated to Latin because of our founder’s admiration for the Romans, their discipline, ambition and legacy.


We have faith that any small act we do ripples through the Earth like raindrops falling on a lake. Our aim is to leave a positive footprint in any pathway we choose to cross. The way we fulfil our mission statement is through a set of values based on the moral values of our founder:

Helping Hands

Helping take care of others, as well as being selfless is an invaluable corporate trait which all companies should have. Although looking out for oneself is paramount, to look out for those in need is to be righteous. This helps us build a harmonious relationship of trust with our customers, as well as a solid Corporate Social Responsibility foundation which will inspire us for a sustainable future with purpose.


At Ferreira Simoes Enterprises, we value those who strive for perfection and want to procure greatness. As such, we try to always be disciplined in our work, organised, and cultivate within ourselves the necessary qualities to achieve mastery in whatever skill we believe is advantageous to better help our customers.


We choose to do what is right, no matter what. Our devotion to professionalism, allows us to act with honesty, integrity, transparency, and fairness towards our customers and other stakeholders. This is compassed through unity and continuous introspection into our own actions, relating back to our motto.

Investment Chart

The curiosity trait is fundamental to anyone who wants to develop a robust knowledge on any subject, from Finance, to Business Administration, to even Pharmacology. It also requires a certain degree of boldness, to dare challenge and defy what is already set by others. One must, therefore, have a significant love for wisdom, just as any great Philosopher. We encourage a curious attitude, so that those in our family (which means those involved with our company) can benefit from the wonders of enlightenment.

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