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Our Story


Our company was founded by Eduardo Ferreira Simoes, the Managing Director. His first words were “vovô”, which is a shortening of “grandpa” in Portuguese. As he grew up, he learnt how to be entrepreneurial and logical from his father, Rui (son of Ferreira Simões), social and loyal from his mother, Sandra, disciplined, ethical and a perfectionist from his grandfather, and organised like his grandmother, Maria, wife to João.


As a small firm in the ubiquitous Finance Industry, and the other Industries we are tackling on the side (such as e-commerce), we understand that we might not have the most competitive offers out there. However, with our forward-thinking attitude, fresh ideas and continuous infrastructure development we believe that we provide outstanding value to our customers and will continue to do so.

Established in 2020, Ferreira Simoes Enterprises is a start-up company that honours the heritage of João Manuel Ferreira Simões, the grandfather of the founder, Eduardo Ferreira Simões. Better known as Ferreira Simões, he was a prominent journalist in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo), where he was the Founder and President of the Journalists Syndicate of Mozambique.


Ferreira Simões was a loving grandfather, instilling a lot of values in Eduardo – from perfectionism, to discipline. This is utterly illustrated by Eduardo’s interest in Finance, Entrepreneurship, Calligraphy, and Art – all of which require attention to detail and dedication.


After the end of the Portuguese colonies in Africa, Ferreira Simões, like all other Portuguese nationals living in the colonies, lost every possession he had, and had to start from scratch in Portugal. His legacy was ultimately eradicated by disagreements within the media industry. Nonetheless, we esteem João F.S.' character.


More about João Manuel Ferreira Simões

João Manuel Ferreira Simões (3 September 1932 - 24 October 2014), or Ferreira Simões (as he was most commonly known), was a Portuguese journalist who was responsible for founding and running the Syndicate of Journalists in Mozambique - a land he loved since he moved there in 1951. After returning to Portugal in the year of 1976, Ferreira Simões had the wish to return to Mozambique to live out his retirement days. Unfortunately, due to the hard economic conditions he lived in during his latter years in life, he was unable to fulfill this dream.

Ferreira Simões often commented on his memories of Mozambique to his children and grandchildren, affirming his love for the people, land and customs. He also declared himself a supporter of the left-wing Socialist Party, anti-racist and supporter of the unfortunate.

For reasons of personal incompatibility, social and professional conflict, Ferreira Simões was purposefully excluded in many books published regarding the media of Mozambique. Nonetheless, to many individuals who lived in Mozambique, namely former Governor General Dr. Baltasar Rebelo de Sousa (father of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, President of Portugal), entrepreneur Eng. Jorge Jardim, and to well-informed citizens, Ferreira Simões was an unavoidable name, especially in the city of Lourenço Marques (now Maputo).

In his professional career as a journalist, J.M. Ferreira Simões worked alongside famous and reputable Portuguese individuals such as Rui Cartaxana (former director of Revista Tempo in Mozambique, and the"Record" Newspaper in Portugal), Guilherme de Melo, Gouvêa Lemos, Pimentel Costa, Mário de Azevedo, José Craveirinha, Peixe Dias (former editor-in-chief of "Tempo" newspaper in Portugal), Baptista-Bastos and even Duarte Lima (whom he worked with at "A Tribuna" newspaper in Lisbon).

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