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Our Brands

Financial literacy is one of the most important aspects of education, and yet it fails to be addressed in most schools. FS Finance is a partially free, partially paid platform that teaches young people the basics of Finance.

By uploading weekly videos and articles, and a printed magazine version for premium subscribers, individuals can learn multiple theoretical aspects of Finance brilliantly explained. Furthermore, FS Finance (digital) is fully free to any member of charities!


An indie-developer studio that focuses on ROBLOX games. With Eduardo as Lead-Graphic Artist and Business Strategist, and Rodrigo as Lead-Software Development, games are developed within the family with the intuit of making players happier.

We try to provide our community with an immersive experience in every single game that we launch.


An e-commerce website, The Trendy Hub focuses on selling currently viral products in the market. It is the go-to website to find odd and unique products that you can gift to anyone!

From up-to-date technology to casual happy socks, the online store encompasses a multitude of niche products. The Trendy Hub was built with the intention of being the best place to spot odd items and gifts.

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