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How to Plan a Holiday

After previously covering budgets; and, with an article on exchange rates – I thought it was time to delve into Holiday-planning! We are currently at the height of holiday season, and although COVID-19 might have impacted travelling there is still a lot to learn regarding holiday planning which can become very useful for the future.

In order to begin travelling and going on better holidays, a person must plan out their holidays beforehand. This will ensure you get the best deals and that you can enjoy your time as pleasantest as possible.

Firstly, in terms of creating a budget for a holiday, a person must begin by creating a detailed itinerary for their journey. It is important to note that time is the single most valuable asset that we get given in life. Therefore, an itinerary will save you time and eventually money. By knowing what routes you will be taking – which can be done by lots of Google searches and assessing the maps – you can cut the time wasted to a fraction; and know where you will be spending your money. A budget must be done, and it should include:

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Alcohol (potentially)

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(Such as to Museums, Iconic Landmarks)



(Such as Jet Skiing, Hiking)

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Room for Extras

The itinerary created should factor all of this into consideration, to optimise the journey in a way that is favourable to you.

When thinking about eating, a person must analyse the country’s average prices first – specifically in a certain region. Sometimes, eating in the city centre which you will be staying in can cost a lot more than travelling just outside the centre to eat somewhere just as nice for much less of a cost! Besides, looking at reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor and even on Google can help to assess whether an establishment is appropriate or not. To add a little more to this, cooking your own meals can save you a lot of money – since a great portion of your money typically goes into eating out. Another thing that could be thought about is getting either a full-board or all-inclusive hotel offer which can sometimes be just as affordable and save you some time and money.

With transportation, if you are travelling with a group it is many times better to take an Uber than taking public transportation. I found this after a recent visit to London, where I went with five other friends. We found that taking an Uber XL cost just around three pounds each trip split between all of us, and for a full weekend of going back and forth we spent £25 in total! Of course, oftentimes a day or weekend travelling card will be the best option – but other times, sharing the comfort of a private Uber can save time, and time is money.

Travelling by plane, train or boat are the three main options of public transport; although sometimes buses are also available. Here, a balance between time wasted/cost must be calculated. For a person in a low income, wasting 3 hours on a bus trip might be worth more than paying the extra for a 1-hour train trip. In order to cut spending, make sure to also bring some snacks – at airport stores, these are always inflated and therefore making some food beforehand will save you the cash.

Another point to consider is that capitals such as London are extremely expensive. A person can have an equally enjoyable holiday travelling to Cape Verde, Madagascar, Mozambique, or even Portugal, South Wales, and different regions of Spain and Italy and France for a fraction of the price! It is a matter of looking at the other potential options out there, by continuously researching the top locations on a budget on an annual basis – and even getting creative yourself.

And speaking of Wales, a staycation has many benefits to those who are willing to stay in their home country – and amidst COVID-19, that seems like a sensible thing to do (for us in the UK). Besides tending to be remarkably more affordable, if you are imaginative enough you can have a great holiday near home! In the UK, there are numerous historical locations that you can visit. For example, visit the website below to check all the castles of the UK on a map:

Moreover, with a staycation it is easier to travel around with children, and as well with more comfort (a train beats a plane every time!). Also, remember! By choosing a staycation you are helping the local economy, which benefits you, even if indirectly.

Another good way of saving money on holiday is by sharing the price with a group of friends at a nicer Airbnb. There are thousands of options that would be expensive alone; however, since they are large houses that sleep 10 to 30 people, you can share the cost and save significantly.

To think about other methods of cutting costs, you can look at using:

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Air Miles


Cash Back Cards

Image by Brooke Cagle

Group Gifts

In addition, we should not fear the Digital World when shopping around. We should be cautious (in order to avoid getting scammed), but we should not be afraid of it. There are a variety of different websites that compare quotes on different hotels, travelling fees, and others; and resources online that provide invaluable information before going on holiday. Shopping around ahead of a trip will save you a lot of money and get rid of any doubts that may arise.

Lastly, I believe it to be of paramount importance to check travelling insurance before leaving the country. The most important – at least for EU members – is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you can find more information on through the link below:

There are a few other insurances to consider when booking a holiday; however, I will cover them at a later date once I cover Insurance in detail. Make sure you subscribe to our Newsletter in order to get the best information on it; and of course, join our members area for the newest and most exciting features that are always being implemented.


I hope this was informative and that you can now plan your holiday as efficiently as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to talk with you.


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