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Check out the latest articles by F.S. Finance author, Eduardo Ferreira Simões. These articles encompass theoretical knowledge of Finance - those with a GOLD border are PREMIUM articles and require a membership which you can get through the button below!

16th of October 2020

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The guidance by Hill has allowed many people to trump the ideologies instilled upon them by generations and become wealthy. As such, why not try and reading into a few of the main rules that a person should follow in order to attain all the riches?

The Richest Man in Babylon by 

Once upon a time, there was a very rich man called Arkhad. Want to learn more? Then read and watch today's F.S. Finance article summarising the world-renowned book of The Richest Man in Babylon to understand the whispered secret that has made so many people immensely wealthy.

Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Ever wanted to become a millionaire automatically? Well, David Bach explains how to in this iconic, easy-to-follow book. Today, we summarise it in detail so you better understand how the principles that this author covers in his book can lead you to greatness!

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor is considered by Warren Buffett as "The Bible of Investing". It has principles that should be applicable no matter what market situation we find ourselves in, no matter how different the market is. Today, I summarise it for you to understand the guide!

1st of October 2020


Freakonomics by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt

With an interesting view of how the economics of the world works, and how this applies to each individual, Freakonomics is a book that teaches us the true value of psychological incentives in mastering oneself and others. This iconic duo wrote a book that has really captivated me and I would encourage everyone to read it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

To kick-start October, UK's National Book Month, I have picked one of my favourite books. By the world-renowned Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches us the norms and values of wealthy people, and what we should do to build ourselves up financially.

28th of September 2020

Image by Tim Evans

Social Security in the UK

As the largest portion of the UK budget, the social protection and security budget helps hundreds of thousands of citizens and residents to live more prosperous lives. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to comprehend it extensively in order to fully leverage all the financial resources available to you.

Introduction to Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Changes in the economy happen everyday, with modifications to the budget and way the country operates. In order to effectively manage your finances, you must have a simple grasp of how this might affect you personally.

16th of September 2020

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Passive Income: What is It? Can you do It?

Generating income whilst sleeping is one of the hardest things to set-up, and yet the easiest way to make money! This won't be a guide to get rich through passive income, but rather well-proven ways to create alternative sources of income in order to diversify your earnings and maximise inflows.

Debt Management

From Involuntary Debt Arrangement (IVAs), to Debt Relief Orders (DROs) and even Bankruptcy, you can learn how to manage your debt - or avoid it completely by changing your mindset. It is important to understand what debt is, the different types of debt, and your options when you find yourself in a troublesome situation.

8th of September 2020 (my personal birthday)

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How to Network Effectively

When you are in need, you must leverage your network to your advantage. Henceforth, why not understand the best methods of networking, such as changing your attitude and how be more likeable and charismatic, as well as find the right people to learn from as well as broaden your horizons and opportunities?

Academic Progress and Its Importance for Thriving in Life

Those who develop their theoretical and academic knowledge tend to have higher salaries. Being on top of how to develop yourself and improving academically could be the best way to manage your wealth and increase your net worth drastically.

1st of September 2020

Image by Hunters Race

Importance of Associating with an Institute

Institutes serve a purpose in society. From charitable to Chartered, what should you choose for your career, if at all? There are so many variables to consider, and frankly, informing yourself is the first step to move forward.

Finance Careers - are they worth it?

Whether to opt for a Finance Career or not is a big choice that you must do in life. Requiring a large amount of varied skills, and a Herculean ambition, finance is definitely not a career for everyone - but it might be for you!

24th of August 2020

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Image by Fusion Medical Animation

How to Set Financial Goals

When you want to accomplish something, you abstract yourself from everything and focus on that goal. However, is this the right thing for your life? How can you successfully plan for goals, thinking financially, and successfully get to them. Learn how through our paid article today!

COVID-19 and its Implications for the Future

The implications of COVID-19 to the world economy are proving to be vast and troublesome; oftentimes complex. Assessing how it will impact your finances personally in the future is paramount!

16th of August 2020

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Link Hoang

Exchange Rates

With a bit of history regarding King Alyattes of Lydia and the creation of currency, we begin to understand how exchange rates began to form and how they serve a purpose today. Besides, we cover what the future holds for exchange rates and how they are influenced in today's day and age. Subscribe now to read and watch the video!

How to Plan a Holiday

In this article, Eduardo explains how a person can leverage its available resources to optimise their holiday through prior planning. Although everyone enjoys going on holiday, it's typically a high cost expense and managing it properly will allow you to use your money the very best way.

8th of August 2020

Image by Jason Briscoe

Interest Rates

Standing at the vanguard of debts, there are interest rates. However, what are they? With terms such as LIBOR and fixed-interest, hybrid-interest, base-rate and compounding it is only natural that you might find this a bit confusing. Hopefully we can clear this up a bit today!


Today, we will be covering what budgets are; how they work, and how to make one. Eduardo has also prepared a master budget that you can use easily. You will also be given the appropriate resources to expand upon your knowledge and learn how to better structure your incomes and expenses.

1st of August 2020

Image by Etienne Martin
Image by Michael Longmire

Principles of Banking

In this article, Eduardo walks individuals through the World of Banking, teaching them the fundamentals of it and how banks operate, and how regulators have improved the infrastructure that surrounds them.

An Introduction to Finance & Personal Finance

Welcome to F.S. Finance. The first article, Eduardo discusses finance and personal finance, especially regarding the Financial Life Cycle and the importance of planning ahead.

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